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The UFO phenomenon needs more attention, and you can help: Wear our designs in public. Wear them like a subtle social Trojan horse. Let it be your secret mission. Let’s encourage others to look into these amazing stories. It’s you and us together pushing for disclosure.

Our latest designs

Nürnberg 1561 / Blackletter

We crafted this blackletter style to spark curiosity. An aerial battle in the year 1561—how can that be? Well, we don’t have the answer, but it certainly happened. In the same blackletter style, we offer designs for the medieval celestial events in Basel 1566 and Stralsund 1665.

Pleiades / The Seven Sisters

In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were seven sisters pursued by the hunter Orion. In order to protect them, Zeus transformed the sisters into stars. Across numerous cultures, the Pleiades are woven with various myths and stories, serving as the origin for some of the most significant souls that continue to influence humanity’s path.

CE5 / Delightful sights

We definetly had some fun with this: We disguise the acronym for Close encounter of the fifth kind in a delicious looking doughnut style. We hope you have fun with this as well.